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· 140gr vinyl
· 350gr gatefold sleeve
· A2 fold-out poster
· Black-inked paper sleeve
· Collector's edition: 75 hand-numbered copies on black-speckled grey vinyl
· Black vinyl edition: 300 copies

Playing at 45 rpm.
Gatefold sleeve including a fold-out poster.
Sound has been re-mastered from the original recordings.
Originally released by Throne in 2008, it was about time for a repress. This is the japanese Sludge cult band Corrupted's official debut. The audio has been remastered from the original tapes. Whole artwork (including a fold-out A2 size poster) is exclusively arranged using a war-reporter's unique exclusive pictures shot at Palestina.
Pressed at 45 rpm for maximum performance. This is a sought-after Corrupted release. Initial pressing of 1000 copies back in 2008 sold-out within weeks, now a highly priced collectable release.
Without bands like Corrupted, successful modern bands of the genre would not sound the same, as Corrupted are an avant-garde band which expanded both sound/tuning and timing to the extreme. Often imitated, few times matched.


released October 17, 2014


"...Think of the heaviest band that you know... Corrupted is the notorious Sludge/Doom/Drone band that hails from Japan yet most lyrics are in Spanish... Everything they have done is excellent... Anyone who loves Grindcore and Sludge should know of the band's cult status... There isn't really a band, however, that can compare to the deadly force of Corrupted... Listen at your own risk."


"Be afraid... Very afraid. Glacier slow, tarpit thick and skull crushingly heavy... Remind the world that this sleeping behemoth can rise at anytime and raze all that dare proclaim themselves HEAVY. That beast is known as... Corrupted... a huge uncontainable, slithering, squirming, unstoppable, slow-motion, Crusty Metallic black hole..."


"...Corrupted are the sound of a shovel hitting wet earth by midnight. They’re either burying something, or digging something up, and, whichever it is, you sure as hell don’t want to be around to find out... Guitars smother like a damp shroud, constrict around eager throats like coarse, heavy rope while drums are the hollow sound of a pickaxe handle to the back of an already broken skull. An impassive voice intones shapeless words through atrophied larynx and spits out blood and grey meat, a slow-motion death rattle spelling out the misery of days to come, crushing your spirit until nothing is left but the shrilling of carrion birds sillhouetted overhead..."




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Throne Records Asturias, Spain

Throne Recs. is an independent Do-It-Yourself alternative record label and distributor established in 2001. Run by a musician. Focused on trascendental, ritualistic, atmospheric, spiritual, powerful music and ideals.

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